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One Year of Bloggin’ and Incredible Lessons Learnt

Hello Fam Bam! GAILSPEEPHOLE IS A YEAR OLD! I can’t believe it’s a whole freaking year already! It feels just like yesterday. Sometimes it feels like I have been here for a long time, but most of the time I still feel like a newbie! At this point, I would like to thank every single… Continue reading One Year of Bloggin’ and Incredible Lessons Learnt

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“Frugal and Chic!” Meet the Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger of the WanShyGirl Blog – Ebun

Hello fam bam. It feels great to be here again. Who's excited for another episode of the interview series?? Well, I am. I'll be interviewing our first female guest. She's a frugal and chic fashion blogger. For some of you, this phrase: "Stylish on a Budget" may sound familiar.  But what else do we know?… Continue reading “Frugal and Chic!” Meet the Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger of the WanShyGirl Blog – Ebun

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Life Lately | 20 Life Lessons

So I took one lesson I learned very seriously. Guess what it is… Well, I learned that scheduling posts ahead of time makes life easier. Who else can relate? Although there are times when I still procrastinate writing the drafts, but in other to be consistent as promised, I need to gather every effort possible… Continue reading Life Lately | 20 Life Lessons

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Life Lately | What You Missed

Hey guys! How's it going? I know I haven’t been consistent with the blog lately, and I don’t know how long I'm going to keep apologizing. But in all honesty, this time around, it was majorly because I kept procrastinating writing a post and I couldn’t decide which of my many drafts to start with.… Continue reading Life Lately | What You Missed

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How To Be a Better Listener

At one point or another, we all need friends...either for the purpose of overcoming loneliness or just having someone to talk to, or better yet, creating fun memories. Nevertheless, everyone appreciates a real friend. What then is required of a real friend? Being a real friend requires that we make out time to listen to… Continue reading How To Be a Better Listener

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The Pursuit of Creativity

It was 8:35 pm on Monday night. I was sitting in front of my desk with my head buried in my hands. My eyes were bloodshot with frustration, and my brain felt completely exhausted. The paper in front of me was blank, in contrast with the dozens of completely filled ones lying on the floor… Continue reading The Pursuit of Creativity

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Interview: Samuel Agbefeyitimi

Hello! Dear readers. How is the summer holiday going? I, for one, am enjoying my new job. I mean why wouldn’t I, when there is unlimited internet access (big grin). Other than that, it has been quite exciting. I have met new people, learned a few things, and totally looking forward to learning a whole… Continue reading Interview: Samuel Agbefeyitimi

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Life Lately | Life in my Shoes

Before I started writing this, I had to scramble for warm clothes. Its freezing here...the rain was quite unexpected. It's been sunny for days now, and I was already loving it. The days of gloom because of the rainy season were finally over, or so I thought. Although I wasn't feeling under the weather, I… Continue reading Life Lately | Life in my Shoes

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My Holiday Reading Challenge

Even though I don't think I'm a bookworm, I love to read. Growing up, I was always reading. I took my books with me wherever I went. But school now, left very little time to read for fun. After assigned books, assignments, research and the likes, all I was able to do was watch TV… Continue reading My Holiday Reading Challenge


Sponsored: SOSSA Press Release

Hi Fam! Many of you must've heard about the SOSSA Talent Show and concert coming up on July 20, 2017. Holla students of the University of Lagos! If you haven't heard, here is a press release: "Dear Sossaites, DAY FOUR SOSSA Week 2017 SOSSA gots Talent & SOSSA Concert This day houses four gigantic events… Continue reading Sponsored: SOSSA Press Release